5 most beautiful villages in Austria

Picturesque Villages

There are many beautiful villages and places in Austria with rustic wooden houses and colourful flowers on the balconies. Villages where time stands still or which have been magnificently modernized. You will be spoiled for choice whether you choose a luxurious chalet in the Alps, a rustic ski hut, or a farm in an Austrian hut village. Below is our list of the five most beautiful villages in Austria.

Hallstatt – Upper Austria

Hallstatt is so beautiful that it has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The village was even replicated in China in an amusement park. Hallstatt village is located directly on Lake Hallstatt with a view of the Dachstein. Hallstatt has become one of the most popular places to visit in Austria. Salt mining in the area has been known for at least 2800 years, and the Hallstatt mines are the oldest in the world.

Tour suggestions in Hallstatt

Filzmoos – Salzburg State

Filzmoos is located in the Salzburg region in a quiet and beautiful valley. The new chalets perfectly match the architectural style of the old houses and thus ensure a uniform street scene. Flizmoos is also one of several centres for those who want to glide peacefully over Alpine meadows.

Alpbach – Tyrol

Alpbach has already been awarded the title of “the most beautiful village in Austria,” and the residents are still very proud of that. Strict building codes are in place to ensure its typical Tyrolean charm can be maintained. This can be seen in the magnificent wooden houses, which are decorated with flowers all summer long. If you don’t get the typical Austrian feeling here, you probably won’t get it anywhere.

Zell am See – Salzburg State

As the name suggests, Zell am See is located at Lake Zell,  a small freshwater lake in the Austrian Alps. The cosy town has an atmospheric centre with charming shops, restaurants, bars, and terraces. From Zell am See, hikers can quickly get to the Schmittenhöhe by gondola, from where you can enjoy the view of the village.

St. Johann in Tirol – Tyrol

Hikers have surely passed St. Johann many times since it is on the way to Kitzbühel. St. Johann has a magnificent historic town centre with picturesque houses. For years, St. Johann lived in the shadow of Kitzbühel. The town, with its colourfully painted houses, has developed a personality of its own and is equally mobbed during winter and summer.

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  1. Hallstatt is a very impressive place. I was there only once hope to be able to visit again someday in the future.

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