Alanya Vacation: perfect for your next vacation to Turkey

Alanya Vacation: Cleopatra beach hosts more than two million tourists every year

Nestled just behind the Taurus Mountains, Alanya is a pretty little medieval town with a long stretch of sandy beach that’s perfect for you next Antalya Family Vacation. Find a quiet spot on the shore and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea, or head to the bars and restaurants around the harbor for a great night out, Turkish style. In ancient times, the most important town of the region was Coracesium, now know as Alanya. Although the date of the first settlement here is uncertain, the city is known to have been founded in the 2nd century BC by the sailors of Tryphon, a famous pirate who held the whole trade of the Eastern Mediterranean in his power.

Due to its impressive site and excellent beaches, Alanya has become in recent years the most developed resort along the southern coast of Turkey. A visit to Alanya for a vacation can be delightful, and the mighty red fortified town with its 146 towers is undoubtedly unlike anything else to be seen along this coast and is an excellent example of Seljuk architecture. The general appearance of the rock jutting out into the sea has been linked to Gibraltar.


Things to do on your Alanya Vacation

Find yourself a quiet spot on Cleopatra Beach and lie back and enjoy the sunshine. Admire the emerald waters as you parasail or cruise along the coast. Make sure you follow the long road to the famous Seljuk castle and watch the boats as they enter the harbor. Kick your evening off with a refreshing cocktail in a bar on the beach. As the sun goes down, head to the center of town to one of the lively bars or clubs and enjoy your Alanya Vacation.

Alanya vacation view of the Cleopatra Beach
Cleopatra beach draws millions to the Antalya Region.


Tourist attractions

Kleopatra Plajı

Kleopatra Plajı is the most famous beach in Alanya. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who married Marc Anthony in 40 BC, is said to have stopped for a time during a sail along the southern shores.

Arkeoloji Müzesi

The small town museum has archaeological pieces as well as Seljuk and Ottoman art. You can also see beautiful old kilims, coins and a calligraphic collection. The bronze statue of Heracles from the 2nd century AD deserves special attention.


Hotel recommendations for your next Alanya Vacation

Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel Alanya, 4 stars

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  • Facebook:  4.9 / 342 reviews

Asia Beach Resort & Spa, 5 stars

  •  8.1 / 204 reviews
  • TripAdvisor:  80% / 483 reviews
  • Facebook:  4.7 / 5/587 reviews

Villa Turka Boutique Hotel, 4 stars

  •  9.4 / 23 reviews
  • TripAdvisor:  95% / 155 reviews
  • Facebook:  4.9 / 5/28 reviews


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