Bregenz, the Capital of Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg is the most westerly province of Austria and the second smallest in both area and population. It is bounded on the north by Germany, south by Switzerland on the south-west by Liechtenstein and on the east by northern Tirol.

Bregenz lies on the south-eastern shores of Lake Constance at the foot of the Pfänder, which links up with the Bregenzer Wald. The town extends southward as fas as the Bregenzer Ache and is divided into the Lower and Upper Towns.

The Lower Town is the newer part of Bregenz, with the Kornmarktplatz as its centre. On the east side of the square, the former Kornmarkthaus now houses the theatre.

The Upper Town occupies the site of the Celtic and later walled Late Roman town of Brigantium. The streets have preserved their old-world character, and parts of the 13th Century walls still remain.

The massive St. Martin´s Tower is the town´s landmark. On the upper floor is housed the local museum and on the lower floor St Martin´s Chapel. The Old Rathaus is a half-timbered building built in 1622 by Michael Kuen.

The Bregenzer Wald, the northern part of the Vorarlberg Alps, rises from Lake Constance to the Arlberg. The lower parts consist of rounded hills, partly forest-covered, and higher up, it is dominated by rugged peaks.

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