Coronavirus: Dutch protesters clash with police over lockdown

The Dutch police used water cannons and detained dozens of people on Sunday in The Hague, where clashes erupted after protests against coronavirus control measures ended.

Several hundred people gathered in the city center, holding hands to express disagreement with measures introduced to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Acting Mayor Johan Remkes first banned the protest and then allowed it for a limited time. Police said the protest was peaceful until football fans clashed with the Dutch police throwing stones and bottles at them. 

According to the Dutch Police, five people were arrested at the train station.

The Netherlands has applied “intelligent lockdown” measures to combat the pandemic, which is less stringent than in other European countries. Restaurants, cinemas, cafes, museums are open from June 1. With limited client numbers.  

In the Netherlands, 49,593 people were infected, and 6,090 died of coronavirus. The last victim was confirmed on Sunday night.

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